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3 Signs You Are Out of Shape


Do you find that your days consist of running to and from work, school, after-school clubs, cleaning the house, and so on, you may feel like there’s no time to go gym and exercise? If that is the case, there’s a good chance you could be out of shape and have a difficult time performing the simplest of physical fitness tests.

Too much weight can increase your risk of some potentially serious health problems and exhaust your energy levels.  In this post – 3 Signs You Are Out of Shape we’ll look at three such signs that may indicate how unfit you are.  Losing even a small amount of about 5% – 10% of the reduction in body weight that is if you manage to keep it off. Will give you some real health benefits

  1. Can you do push-ups? 

Let’s start with the simplest activity when it comes to exercise – push-ups are a good measure of your physical fitness level.

When you do push-ups you will utilize muscles in your back, shoulders, arms, and the core. This can be a tough activity, but anyone who is physically fit at a minimum level should be able to do at least 5-10 with relative ease to be considered in fair shape. If you want to perform the perfect push-up, you should lower yourself with your arms tucked close to your body before pushing yourself back up to the start position.  If you’re struggling to perform a couple of push-ups – you’re not alone, so keep trying, it’s fine to start with your knees on the ground until you get used to doing a push-up and improve your physical fitness.

  1. You’re breathless walking up a staircase

Does that sound like you? Again you’re not alone, many people have this problem.  Even many who consider themselves to be fit will feel like they need more oxygen when climbing a flight of stairs, so if you do feel a little short of breath walking up stairs, don’t worry too much, just start to increase your cardio training to improve your fitness level.

However, if you find it is a real struggle to get up those stairs, probably out of shape and overweight.  You need to do some cardiovascular activity. Cardio exercises are tough, and if you’re out of shape, it might feel near impossible to continuously walk up steps or jog a mile. Begin your cardiovascular exercise slowly if your body isn’t used to the demand. Schedule 20-30-minute light cardio workouts each week at least 2-3 times. Choose low-impact, low-resistance exercises to get started, and always warm up for anything more vigorous.  Then gradually increase the time and frequency, as your fitness level improves.

Also, try to supplement with Garlic capsules or fresh garlic daily, garlic has been used medicinally to support cardiovascular health and circulation. Fresh garlic bulbs when crushed they release a compound called Allicin, thought to be responsible for garlic’s many health benefits.

  1. You’re always tired

This one is a silent beast, it drains you out and overtime affects your mood and health. Working out regularly at the gym or at home is the key to staying healthy and alert which then keeps you energized during the day. You’ll feel naturally more awake and energetic if you find time for some physical activity even only to fit in a quick walk during lunch or on the way back from work.

The 3 Simple but common indicators for signs of being out of shape

Reading the information above you now realize the simple indicators of being out of shape, so start thinking about reducing weight and getting fit.  Choose activities that bring you joy in doing them and stick to a routine.  Combine that with a healthy diet and soon you will start to notice the change in your body, you will have increased energy levels and your mood will improve.


Any existing medical conditions or if you are taking regular medication, contact your medical doctor before starting on any diet or physical exercise mentioned in this article.

  • Eat healthy foods for the wellbeing of mind and body when it comes to weight loss and fat burning.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated especially when you are doing cardio exercises.
  • One sign of being out of shape is if you’re breathless walking up a staircase.
  • You can’t do push-ups effectively, not even 5-10 can indicate the level of fitness.
  • Always feel tired can also be a sign of being out of shape.

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