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Top 5 Superfoods Guaranteed to Make You Better in Bed


It’s interesting when you look at Google how many searches are done on the topic of ‘…getting better in bed’, in this post – Top 5 Superfoods Guaranteed to Make You Better in Bed, we’ll look at 5 superfoods that will definitely help in making you better in bed.  If you want to benefit from eating some really good superfoods and also see those benefits carry over into the bedroom then eat a healthy diet, exercise and add the following food to your diet. 

Sweet Potatoes this superfood can make you better in bed

A healthier alternative to French fries or chips is the superfood known as Sweet potatoes not only, are they healthy for you but also a good “sex” food. Sweet Potato contains good amount beta-carotene which the body transforms into vitamin A, which keeps your vagina and uterus in good shape, plus helps produce sex hormones.

Eating Oats can increase testosterone

Research carried out by San Francisco Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, men who regularly consume oats in their daily diet for just 8 weeks had seriously high sex drives compared to those that didn’t include oats in their diet.  Oats increase the amount of testosterone—the horny hormone—in your bloodstream.  Resulting in more energy and stamina to be better in bed.

Banana is a superfood guaranteed to boost your energy to last longer in bed

Most people know how beneficial eating bananas can be to one’s health. Bananas contain energy-boosting B vitamins, potassium with many other nutrients also included in that nice yellow superfood is an enzyme that triggers testosterone production in the body.  Getting a testosterone boost will help increase your sex drive.

Add the energy boost from the B vitamins for better stamina and you can have sex longer and enjoyable.

Garlic gets your heart healthy and blood circulating

This wonderful herb is used in many kitchens when cooking food. Garlic contains high amounts of a compound known as Allicin, this compound increases blood flow, improves your heart health, and increased blood flow means bigger and harder erections, for the women the extra blood flow results in heightened sensitivity.

Eat Watermelon a superfood great for sex

Watermelons contain large amounts of Citrulline. When you eat watermelon it releases an Amino Acid along with Arginine into the body.  This produces Nitric Oxide or NO, with sufficient amounts of NO in the bloodstream, you’ll start to get really good blood circulation, better erections and large amounts of stamina to be better in bed and enjoy the event.


There are many superfoods and other herbs which are renowned for the sexual, physical and mental health benefits that you can get by supplementing or eating these top superfoods.  Along with a good healthy diet and regular exercise, you will get better in bed, last longer, be full of energy and a great mind free from all stresses of life.  Look after your eating habits and your health everything else will fall in place.

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Sophia English, I'm crazy about intermittent fasting, healthy eating, handstand push-ups, meditating, and spending five hours cooking nutritional things that I and my friends eat in five seconds. I try to keep health simple—it's mostly just vegetables and chocolates.

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