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Top 3 Superfoods – Good Health starts with great food


This Top 3 Superfoods – Good Health starts with great food post provides general information about top 3 superfoods that you can eat to improve your overall health and wellbeing; this information should only be used as a guidance.

Eating healthy is one important thing that you can do for your mind and body. It’s simple, the food or type of foods you choose to eat daily determines how you’ll feel and can be considered as a barometer to your overall health and energy levels. If you consume a lot of junk food, don’t be shocked if you find that during the day you lack energy or feel totally drained and week.

If you are careful in selecting healthy foods to consume at the right levels, you’ll notice feeling more energetic and even positive than when you had junk food regularly. Foods, you eat will give your body the nutrients it needs to function.  Eating healthy foods regularly is key for feeling good, staying healthy not just daily, but in the long run, too.

Always make sure to eat healthy foods regularly, engage in regular exercise, and find ways to de-stress this will keep you healthy and mobile for longer, your blood pressure regulated and support you in maintaining a healthy weight level.

3 Superfoods for a healthy eating habit

While eating healthy is a ‘no-brainer,’ there are specific types of foods bursting with lots of nutrition that the average eater is not getting in his or her diet.  Three of these nutritious food types are listed below, they are commonly referred to as superfoods.  I have listed them as they are easy to consume and you can even eat them while working, driving or walking:

Superfood 1 – Almonds

These are oval-shaped nuts, available from many supermarkets.  These rather tasty nuts contain large amounts of calcium. With an equally high level of vitamin E, estimated for one serving providing 15 percent of the RDA for vitamin E.  Almonds are also a valuable source of protein. I usually carry a bag of these in my car, munching away on these extremely tasty and healthy nuts while driving.

Superfood 2 –  Pistachios

These green nuts are hiding lots of nutrition, protein and fiber. You can get them in two ways either packed in a hard shell and you have to take them out and eat or you can get them already taken out of shell and packed in bags. Pistachios are naturally cholesterol-free the best thing is a one-ounce serving of these nuts have as much potassium as one small banana.  I’ll discuss the benefits of consuming some of these nutrition’s in my other posts, for now believe go and buy a pack and start eating these healthy little superfoods.

Superfood 3 –  Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is another of those superfoods that is loaded with the following nutrition’s – Beta carotene, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, Fiber and Potassium.  Make sure to get the Orange type rather than the white Sweet potato, as the former is nutritious than the later.

Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is said to help with slowing the aging process as well as fighting the risk of certain cancers.  You can purchase Sweet Potatoes from your local supermarket or vegetable market stalls.  I find you can eat them raw or roast them and take with you while out walking or have a bowl of roasted sweet potato slices to consume while working at your desk.


In cases where you have existing medical conditions or taking regular medication, contact your medical doctor before consuming any of these superfoods.

  • Eating healthy is a ‘no-brainer,’ there are specific types of foods bursting with lots of nutrition that the average eater is not getting in his or her diet.
  • 3 Superfoods for a healthy eating habit – Almonds, Pistachios and Sweet potatoes
  • Eating healthy foods regularly is key for feeling good
  • Combine healthy breakfast, with a nutritious lunch and make sure you stay fit and active.

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