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Top 5 Things Women Look for in a Man


Do you think you have what it takes to impress any woman? In this post Top 5 Things Women Look for in a Man, I’ll be sharing the top 5 that I think a key to get her hot and interested. God has created our human nature in such a way that men find certain characteristics in women pleasing and women also find some types of characteristics more suitable than others in men.

We shall look at top 5 things or characteristics that women find more pleasing in men.  However; its worth mentioning that not all women are the same, while many may find these 5 characteristics more suitable other women may not rate them so high and prefer something different.

But build these 5 and continue developing good characteristics, you can’t go wrong.  The more good qualities you have the better chance of having a good healthy relationship.

(1) Be a Confident Man

Having confidence and showing it practically is a great quality to have for any man. The internal strength that’s seen and envied by anyone you meet. Being a confident man is more attractive to many women because it shows that he believes in himself and his abilities to do things.

There are many self-help books and media available to help you in this area if you want to develop this quality.

(2) Respectful Man is what she wants

There is a saying “what goes around, comes around”, so learn to be respectful towards other people when they deserve your respect, although hard try to be respectful even if you think they do not deserve it – this is what sets you apart. Women like a man with good manners and kind man who doesn’t treat others badly because he can.

Don’t be rude to anyone unless you have a reason to – as I said above to try your utmost to restrain yourself in those situations. Treat people with respect and you’ll be treated with respect too.

(3) Make sure to compliment her and do not compare to others

Do your best to make her feel comfortable as she is your world. Women like a man who makes them feel comfortable, respected and appreciated. Indulge in enjoyable conversations and make sure that she feels involved and excited to talk to you.

(4) Work on being respected by others

Generally, women like to be respected, appreciated and loved by the man they like, but they also like being with a man who’s respected by others. If other people do not respect you, is it due to your own fault? If that is the case, try to get better. If it isn’t your own fault, you should try to make amends or attempt to stay away from that person.

(5) Develop a good sense of wittiness 

It takes less than a minute for a girl to know if a guy has a good sense of humor while having a conversation with him. And that’s all you need to impress a girl. All girls know that a guy with a great sense of funniness can be a lot of enjoyable time over dates, phone calls or in marriage.

Keep a light-hearted and fun approach towards life and try to look at the bright side all the time.


So what things do women look for in a man? There are many, many things, but these top 5 things women look for in a man are all you need to make a happy start.  Consider a relationship as work in progress, the day you stop will be the start of your relationship pain and suffering.  So develop good characteristics, continue to learn what makes you both happy and practice daily.

I love you, you look beautiful, thank you so much – start with these words every day and try to finish the day with these or even better words.  Watch how your relationship develops.

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Niki Adams is a confident fitness and health blogger. A former business director for a well-known Company, she now teaches people how to live the life they imagined by tuning into their authentic power and unlocking the confidence to ask for what they really, really want. Health and fitness starts with what you eat and how you train your mind.

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