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Most Common Relationship Conflicts


Relationships are not easy to deal with, especially a marriage that is going through some difficult patches.  I’ll share in this post some of the Most Common Relationship Conflicts, and briefly how to deal with it.  There are many things you need to consider when you are in a marriage, going through some issues.

When you find that you and your partner argue about the same thing over and over again—it can seem like there’s no end in sight and the best thing to do would be to separate.  I would suggest don’t take that step so easily, look at how you can work together to resolve.  So how do you start to deal with these conflicts? I’ll list below 4 most common relationship conflicts and what you can do to help sort them out.

Using the Blame and Shame Game. 

There are times in a marriage when one partner begins to blame and shame the other, over very simple issues, often returning to the most juvenile behavior – name-calling and flaring tempers.

Solution: DO NOT REACT. Take ownership of the situation, be patient and do your best not to engage. Instead in a firm calm voice, say “I am not feeling good about this situation and what you are saying, so when you want to talk things over in a good manner, I’ll be ready to listen.”

Micro Management.

In marriage sometimes you may find that one partner assumes the role of being the parent to the other, starts to micro-manage everything the other partner tries to do and insists on having things done a certain way.  Nothing is ever right unless he or she approves and is done according to their commands. 

Solution: Although it can be difficult, try to identify why the person needs to behave in that way. Is there an underlying nervousness or anxiety at play? If this is not addressed then the person being micro-managed can become despondent and afraid of doing something wrong, he or she will likely shut down and not take any action at all unless told to do so.  This will only lead to relationship complications and if the left unresolved result in complete breakdown of the marriage.

Drifting apart. 

In some marriages due to issues mentioned above and others, partners can develop the feeling of Gradually leading to one partner drifting away from the other.  Each partner blaming the other and doesn’t understand why the other needs so much alone time.

Solution: You may have many issues, learn to forgive and move on as much as possible.  Spend time more one-to-one time with each other.  Find the healthy balance of being a “we,” and work to create a mutually supporting relationship. As a couple, you should be “one,” but both partners should also have a sense of independence.


I have mentioned only the 3 most common relationship conflicts above, as you will agree there can be many more.  As I always say relationships need to be cultivated, much like tending to your land when farming, in marriage always show appreciation that is the beginning when it comes to your wife or husband, make time for passionate sex that will bridge many issues and make time for each other.

Both parties need to play an active role, forgiving mistakes and helping each other to make time and don’t look for the negatives in your partner as you will see many, so look for good things in your partner and you will notice many more positives, giving you the reason to love more.

  • Forgive and forget – easily said than done I know. But you have to be patient and apply this to your relationship.
  • Be intimate and loving where and when possible.
  • Pray together, talk and listen to each other.
  • Look out for each other’s, likes and dislikes.
  • Have sex and give each other priority when it comes to pleasure.

Enjoy the joyful moments and accept the unhappy ticks, they will happen, but be ready to help each other out, so that your relationship can be a success.

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