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4 Ways to Make Sex Better


There are many ways that you can improve the quality and quantity of sex you have with your wife or husband.  In this post 4 Ways to Make Sex Better, we’ll look at 4 areas that if done correctly will lead to better sex.

I think every couple needs to apply effort in Strengthening the relationship they have with their partner at home, outside and in bed.  Nothing comes close to this much importance as does SEX between husband and wife in keeping the relationship happy and productive.

It’s no surprise that sex is a powerful way to increase intimacy with your partner.  As already proven through scientific research.  During sex, the brain floods your body with sex hormones and neurochemicals, particularly oxytocin, which is also known as the “love hormone”. Oxytocin is the transmitter that decreases feelings of stress and increases feelings of love, trust, and security.

Nothing accelerates the release of sex hormones more than skin to skin touching, which triggers the release of these hormones, therefore get down with your partner and get naked, it is the easiest way to deepen your relationship. Listed below are four simple and sexy things that you can do to be more intimate.

(1) Plan a romantic evening of passion and sex.

When you first meet your partner, sex can be done anywhere and it just feels great.  After a few years of marriage, it can become “we’ll get to it when we both feel in the mood” that feeling never comes and days or weeks can pass between sessions.

So, let’s put it like this – Plan and make an effort to spend time with each other. Making sure you carve out time for setting the mood, teasing, foreplay and then the passionate sex — guaranteed she’ll notice the effort and most likely thank you for it.  I focus this paragraph to men as I think us men don’t do this often enough and can be lazy in not initiating sex, besides who’s interested in sex when you’re tired and football is on the telly.  To break that habit man, prioritize your life, she is more important than kicking the ball around.

(2) Be open and Honest – Talk to each other about what gives you pleasure.

I think this is very important if you are shy and do not open up and discuss your sex life with your partner then how can you learn to give each other satisfaction.  If you’re a man, ask your wife what she would like you to do to her?  How does she want you to give her pleasure?  If you are a woman do the same to your husband find out what gives him the most pleasure.

Sometimes a submissive wife in bed can be more pleasurable and result in gratifying sex for both than one who is more controlling and prefers everything her way.  If you don’t open up and discuss then how would you know what triggers those sex chemicals in you?

Talk dirty, talk sexy, talk with passion – but do not introduce negativity or bring in contentious issues.  This is not the forum for dealing with issues, rather this session is for developing the relationship and connection between the two of you.

(3) Switch off, put away and Chill

Don’t bring your phone or laptop to bed.  I usually switch off my work phone when I am getting ready for bed.  My personal phone will go on silent and the alarm set for the time I need to wake up.  Laptop remains in my office room.  When I am in bed then that’s it, time is for me to relax of giving relaxation to my wife.  Sometimes, I know it can be hard to switch off if you don’t make the effort then think about what you may end up losing in the long run.

Ask the question – is work and social networking more important than my marriage and relationship with my wife or husband?

(4) Foreplay and more sex play

Read up on topics of sex and improving pleasure for each other.  Focus on what makes for great foreplay.  Prioritize on foreplay, even if you don’t go the whole way to intercourse, at least enjoy each other through foreplay.  Doing that will increase the desire for each other more, release sex and feel good chemicals into the body.

I also recommend foreplay for guy’s who suffer premature ejaculation, use this excitement and play to improve your ability to retain erection and last longer.  By not going the whole way and giving her pleasure using other methods like oral sex, teasing and pleasuring each other, without ejaculation – you are teaching your brain to control itself and therefore your body to prevent premature ejaculation.

By refraining from ejaculation and intercourse while doing foreplay you are building up energy in both of you and when you do finally go in later on in that day or the following day or two.  The whole session will seem so much more satisfying.


We have looked at 4 ways to make sex better.  Nothing improves a marriage more than sex, passion, and trust between the two.  To develop that trust and passion you need to make time and spend more SEX time with each other.  Plan for a romantic sex-escape for the two.  If you can’t manage that, then try a sex filled weekend. Whatever your situation, improve your sex life and you’ll live a happy, healthy and enjoyable life.

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