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How to Get Aloe Vera Gel from fresh Aloe Leaf?


Aloe Vera has many natural healing and nutritional properties.  From taking Aloe Vera capsules, drinking Aloe Vera juice to applying Aloe Vera to your face and other parts of your body is beneficial in many ways.

In this post- How to Get Aloe Vera Gel from fresh Aloe Leaf? I shall discuss in short why it is good to use Aloe Vera gel for natural health and beauty needs.

I am assuming here that you already have your own Aloe Vera plant or plants, these should be relatively mature with big foliage, if you don’t already have an Aloe plant then you are missing out on free natural beauty treatment and health benefits, I would recommend you buy an Aloe Vera plant, they are relatively inexpensive.

Now, let us briefly take a look at the process of collecting gel from the Aloe plant.

Creating Aloe Vera Gel

To start with, select one or more large, plump leaves from around the base of the plant.

Hold selected leave (s) near the base and pull gently but firmly or better way is to cut it, I usually cut it with a sharp knife close to the base of the leaf, this allows the leaf to continue growing for another time.  If you are pulling the leaves they should release fairly easily.  Take care not to cut your fingers on the thorns lining the leaves or if you are using the knife as you do this.

Now that you have harvested your Aloe leaves, use a sharp knife to slice away the thorny edge from one side of each leaf, this is a delicate process and you need to be careful with the knife.

Then slice the leaves open lengthwise so you have two long halves.  Set the halves on your cutting board, gel side up, if this is the first doing this then you will notice soft jelly-like substance when you slice the leaves, that is the nutritional aloe gel.

Lastly, use a spoon to scrape the aloe gel away from each leaf and into a small container. After completely cleaning all gel of the leaves, your natural beauty treatment is now ready to be applied to your face, body or consumed with some honey. When you have finished using your free natural Aloe Vera gel, remember to refrigerate any unused gel. It’s better to keep it in the same container with a lid and place into your fridge, just to keep cool do not freeze it.

Alternative to homegrown Aloe Vera Gel

If you don’t own an Aloe plant or if extracting the gel by hand is simply too cumbersome, let’s face it is rather a lengthy process for the first time, but once you get used to it, it should not be too bothersome to extract your own natural gel.

Besides if you have a large enough quantity of gel in one day you can use that over a few days, as the last option I recommend Aloe Vera gel supplement as next best to home-grown aloe.


Extracting Aloe Vera gel for using on your face and body is a natural beauty treatment that you can use for free and the beneficial properties of aloe plant have been well studied and used successfully by many people with success.

You can also drink Aloe Gel mixed in drinks for health benefits.

  • Do not self-diagnose any health conditions. Any medication (herbal or otherwise) should be taken under the supervision of a knowledgeable and qualified practitioner.
  • Aloe Vera has anti-inflammatory properties, beneficial for healing spots.
  • Aloe gel is an excellent moisturizer and brings a glow to the skin when used as a face mask.

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