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Eat Healthy Foods to Fight Knee Pain


Do you suffer with knee pain?  Don’t worry you are not alone millions of people have stiff, painful knees thanks to osteoarthritis, lack of exercise, bad diet or sport injuries. Treatments range from keeping active, healthy eating and dropping excess weight to steroid injections and even surgery at the other extreme.

But research conducted on people suffering with knee pain shows that you can take a tastier and easier route to improving your painful knee. In this Eat Healthy foods to fight knee pain post I shall provide details on some great foods that you can add to your diet to reduce inflammation in your knees without drugs therefore reduce knee pain.

Foods you’re eating may actually be contributing to your chronic knee pain. 

The foods you’re eating may actually be contributing to your chronic knee pain.  Some food items that can cause inflammation and may lead to an increase in knee pain include refined sugar or similar food products, refined grains, flour products like bread, pasta, bagels, etc.

An unhealthy diet mainly composed of these types of foods leads to inflammation that will affect the knee joint and surrounding muscles causing and promoting further knee pain and suffering.

A Healthy Diet to reduce inflammation in your knees without drugs.

Eating the following foods regularly can help you reduce knee pain:

Almonds or Similar Nuts contain Vitamin E which is known for its strong antioxidant powers. Almonds, sunflower seeds and oil, hazelnuts, peanuts and spinach are all excellent sources of vitamin E. In a study (International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases, 2009), researchers found less vitamin E in the knees of osteoarthritis patients, implying that they were getting less of the vitamin’s protective benefits.  In this case it is recommended that if you are suffering with painful knee joints then you should consider a diet which includes the above foods.

Soy – Knee pain sufferers reported less pain and used far fewer pain medications after eating soy protein regularly for three months, Soy is rich in isoflavones, with anti-inflammatory properties. You can get the same benefit from sources like soy milk and soy burgers.  If you include Soy in your healthy diet you should notice a substantial change in inflammation and knee pain.

Fatty fish — such as salmon, tuna and mackerel — are rich in Vitamin D. This important vitamin is found in cells throughout your body.  Those with low levels of vitamin D in their diet are at increased risk for worsening knee pain or osteoarthritis. Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna are good sources of this vitamin. If you lacking vitamin D and cannot maintain a healthy eating habit which includes fatty fish then you may consider a Vitamin D supplement, which may help you overcome your painful knee problems.



Knee-friendly fruits – As you know fruits are well known for providing people with a healthy dose of Vitamins C.  It is stated that Vitamin C is a source of antioxidant properties, these properties help to prevent osteoarthritis the main cause of so much knee discomfort. Fruits like kiwi, mango, oranges, papaya and grapefruit etc. are well known for their beneficial health properties.  The benefits of healthy eating doesn’t stop with knee pain, the antioxidant’s contained in fruits also have other health benefits – topic for another post.

If you are suffering osteoarthritis of the knee, you should really consider revising your diet, if you are not already eating healthy foods, what you eat can make a difference for both your knees and your body.

Along with eating above food types, consider taking up physical fitness, take a brisk walk daily if you find more involved activities a little difficult at first.  Gradually increase your level of fitness and with a well maintained diet you start to see improvements in your overall health and reduction in your knee pain.



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