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Health benefits of eating peppers


So; you come home from work and the only thing you see in the fridge is peppers, should you eat it or go for the doughnut sat next to it.  We’ll briefly look at the health benefits of eating peppers, I’m not saying bite into the pepper as one does with an apple.  But there are ways of eating a pepper. Certainly, I am thinking about the big peppers not the small rather fierce ‘Nagga’ peppers – don’t even try it, eating one of these nagga peppers on its own is like committing GBH on your mouth and taste buds.

Peppers come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties.  Peppers also have different tastes and level of ‘hotness’.  Some peppers are mild and you can eat it without any burning sensation while there are some like the nagga – eating that pepper will truly send your mouth to a different level

Peppers are low in calories and are full of good nutrition. All pepper varieties are great sources of vitamins A and C, folic acid, potassium, and fiber. Peppers are generally added to dishes to liven up bland food, making it more satisfying, like the curries we all love to eat.

Whether you love hot peppers or the bland peppers, they have many health benefits from helping to protect your heart by lowering high cholesterol to high blood pressure and many other beneficial effects on your body.

4 reasons to increase your pepper consumption in your diet:

(1) Many varieties of peppers are said to contain than 200 percent of daily vitamin C intake requirements. Vit-C is a powerful antioxidant; it helps the absorption of iron. For people with iron deficiencies, try adding red peppers with your iron source for maximizing absorption. Red bell peppers are a good source of vitamin B6 and folate. These vitamins and minerals can help prevent anemia.

(2) Consuming peppers may help support healthy night vision. Particularly Red bell peppers contain high levels of vitamin A, this helps to support healthy eyesight, especially night vision.

(3) Peppers are packed with antioxidants. The collective effects of vitamin A and C make a great antioxidant capacity, with lycopene in the mix. Lycopene is what makes tomatoes and peppers red. Therefore, eat Red peppers which are one of the highest veggies in lycopene, shown to help prevent many cancers including lung and prostate.

(4) Burn more calories and lose weight by eating peppers. Recent studies have shown that red peppers can trigger thermogenesis and increase metabolic rate in people. Thermogenic action that increases metabolism without increasing heart rate and blood pressure like the hot peppers do, gradually helps burn off the calories without burning the mouth or causing gastric problems – for those who suffer such problems.


Some of the health benefit from eating peppers is mentioned above peppers also contain capsaicin, this is the compound that makes chili peppers like cayennes, jalapeños, and nagga so hot. Capsaicin also has a reputation for relieving certain kinds of pain, this compound is a widely used ingredient in over-the-counter topical creams and and other pain-relieving medications.

Peppers can be eaten with many dishes, added to omelets or even eaten raw with curries.  They add taste to a bland dish at the same provide real health benefits.

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