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Easy 7 Day Healthy Eating Plan

This post provides you with an easy 7-day healthy eating plan that provides you with quick healthy eating tips that you can use for planning your weekly meals.

This 7-day eating plan will help you kick-start you’re a healthy eating habit and nourish your body with the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need. If you decide to follow this healthy meal plan, if you are already under medical supervision in terms of your diet and eating then do consult with your dietician or doctor before adopting these healthy eating tips.

Beginning a healthy eating plan

Healthy eating is just one part of getting a healthy body, the other important part is physical activity. After all, you need those crucial muscles to be active in order for your body to function correctly.

So; start each day with a full glass of water at room temperature.  Then spend doing 30 Minute Workouts, some quick exercises to stretch those muscles and get your body into gear for the long day ahead.


Healthy Eating plan – Day 1

Healthy Breakfast: Bowl of Weetabix or bran flakes with semi-skimmed milk; 1 banana; and a small glass of orange or grapefruit juice.

Healthy Lunch Time: Tuna and reduced-fat mayo sandwich try it in wholemeal bread; a pot of low-fat fruit yogurt; for dessert try an apple or orange.

Eating a healthy Dinner: Chicken and vegetable stir-fry (use Olive Oil) with brown rice if possible; finish it with a nice healthy bowl of fresh fruit salad.

Healthy Snacks and drinks: Wholemeal fruit scone with low-fat spread; 300ml semi-skimmed milk with tea-spoon of honey if you are still peckish try a hand-full of peanuts.


Healthy Eating plan – Day 2

Healthy Breakfast: Bowl of unsweetened muesli or oatmeal with semi-skimmed milk and strawberries.  Try a glass of healthy apple juice to quench that morning thirst.

Eating a healthy Lunch: Indulge your hunger and eat a nourishing egg with cress mayo jacket potato and salad dressed in fat-free dressing, nectarine, and grapes or you can take down a banana.  Topped with a nice glass of fruit juice or better drink water.

Healthy Dinner tip: Spaghetti (try Whole-wheat type) with lean halal beef and veg Bolognese, fresh salad with fat-free dressing.

If you must then Snack or drink in between your healthy meals: Try Wholemeal toast with low-fat spread; banana; 300ml semi-skimmed milk with honey.


Healthy Eating plan – Day 3

Healthy Breakfast plan for day 3: Wild Oats with semi-skimmed milk or Granary bagel with low-fat spread and honey; banana or a fruit yogurt; a small glass of orange juice

At Lunchtime try this healthy food tip: Home-made chicken and vegetable soup, brown roll; a pot of low-fat yogurt with fruits; unsalted peanuts or cashew nuts.

For a healthy dinner option: Try grilled steak with baked potato wedges, grilled mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, salad; and finish it with fresh fruit salad.

Healthy Snacks and drinks: a slice of bread with peanut butter, salad, fat-free dressing; 300ml semi-skimmed milk or glass of Aloe Vera juice.


Healthy Eating plan – Day 4

Eating a nutritious Breakfast: Start the day with oats and bran flakes, if you must then indulge in some fresh fruit salad with low-fat natural yogurt and finish your healthy breakfast with 300ml semi-skimmed milk with honey.

Eating a good healthy Lunch is important: Go for a large wholemeal bread roll with peppers, tomato, and mozzarella cheese; for a healthy dessert option go for an apple or an orange.

Day 4 healthy dinner tip: Grilled salmon with small potatoes, broccoli, and carrots; meringue with berries and a dash of cream if you must, complete the night with a low-fat yogurt drink.

Snacks and drinks the healthy option: 50g pumpkin seeds or one better would be to get a mix of seeds and nuts, try a handful of the wonderful nutritious nuts.  Drink plenty of water to cleanse your system throughout the day.


Healthy Meal plan – Day 5

For Breakfast tip: Home-made porridge (made with water), dried apricots, plenty of honey; a glass of grapefruit or orange juice.

At lunchtime: Try grilled chicken tikka with mixed salad and cherry tomatoes. For dessert eat a healthy low-fat yogurt, and finish it with a healthy cereal bar.

Dinner option day 5: Home-made lamb curry with mixed vegetables & rice; finishing this your healthy dinner with a slice of melon.

Healthy Snacks and drinks for the day: Nectarine, Apple, Pear or kiwi fruit; 300ml semi-skimmed milk with honey.


Healthy Meal plan – Day 6

Breakfast plan for day 6: Let’s go all out, 2 scrambled eggs with grilled tomatoes, 1/2 wholemeal toast topped with low-fat spread; finish with a small orange juice if you want.

At Lunchtime: Roast halal beef, 2 roast potatoes, steamed vegetables; pear or apple crumble topped with steaming low-fat custard

To complete your healthy Dinner plan for the day: Home-made chicken & vegetable soup, Granary roll; sliced mango with a glass of water.

Feeling peckish, try these healthy Snacks and drinks: Superfoods like 25g pumpkin or sunflower seeds; 300ml semi-skimmed milk with honey for a drink.


Healthy Meal plan – Day 7

Breakfast healthy option for day 7: Bagel topped with low-fat soft cheese, smoked salmon; a small glass of orange juice and a banana.

Healthy Lunch option: Tuna or Salmon steak with boiled egg, green beans, small potatoes, mixed healthy salad, and fat-free dressing.

A healthier dinner option to complete the week: Home-made vegetable & minced meat lasagne, salad, and fat-free dressing.


If you must eat something in between your main meals then try these healthy snacks and drinks: Small slice of home-made carrot cake (homemade with low sugar content); Blueberries or other fruit; 300ml semi-skimmed milk with honey.

This 7-day healthy eating plan provides details on nutrient-rich meals, balancing carbs with proteins and fat in every bite you take. The best part: It’s flexible and will allow you to mix and match as your taste buds see fit. Eat healthily, Stay fit and be safe till next time.

While you have all these healthy foods, don’t forget to exercise.  Maintaining an active lifestyle is as important as eating healthy foods, so make sure to complement your healthy eating plan with a good exercise routine.  You can start with reading – 5 Easy Fitness Tips to get Healthy.

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