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Balanced healthy eating diet for women


Men and Women are equal, we know that, but our bodies and our nutritional requirements are not.  In this post, Balanced healthy eating diet for women, we’ll take a brief look at some healthy diet tips dedicated to women.

It is established through studies that women have different nutritional requirements compared to men, an average woman should eat about 2000 calories per day to maintain her health, and approximately 1500 calories if she wants to lose one pound of weight weekly. An average man, on the other hand, will need about 2500 calories to maintain general health, and 2000 calories if he wants to lose one pound of weight weekly.

Now you can mad with trying to remember all these nutritional guidelines and numbers of calories you should eat or not.  Life is already too busy and complex to worry so much and spend a large portion of your day balancing your food intake numbers.

Although I am not saying don’t do it, if you can stick to a chart showing your calorie intake and manage your eating habits based on charts etc. then go for it.  But if you are one of the people who find it difficult then listed below are some simple suggestions which you may find useful.

  • Drink water and eat one or two dates

Keeping hydrated is really good for your body and mind, so make sure you drink at least eight or more glasses of water a day.  Eating dates is a great way to keep you fuller for longer and provides you with a lot of nutritional benefits.

  • Start the day with some exercise or passion

Making sure to add in some physical activity into your morning schedule will help get you into a good start, try to start the day with some passionate sex if that is not possible then do some stretching exercise and 10-20mins on the treadmill.

Starting the day with some healthy breakfast food is vital to staying well and healthy.  Your breakfast diet should include oats, cereals like Weetabix and superfoods like bananas, blueberries, pomegranate etc.

This book on healthy breakfast tips contains some really useful ideas which you may wish to explore.  Always stick to a diet for a period of time to see how it benefits you.

  • Make it a light healthy lunch
  • Go for some exercise or 30mins walk at least
  • Dive into a nutritionally rich dinner, but keep it a small portion.
  • Relax and get some sleep

If you find it hard to relax then listed below are some good tools that you can use to help you relax or learn how to switch off and chill.  It does wonders for your body and mind if you can achieve it.


If you want to stay healthy then eat good natural foods, stay with fruits and vegetable with a mix of meats every now and then, top this with a mix of superfoods.  Cut back on sugary food, reduce the amount of binge food or snacks during the day.  Exercise and burn of the extra calories.  Healthy eating is simple if you make it simple. Diets for women, when you look at the adverts you’d think its rocket science, it is not – apply the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle and you will be okay.

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Hamza Yusuf is a freelance writer and blogger turned to fitness living in the UK. He works in IT and spends much of his working hours behind a desk, over the last few years he has developed a part time career as a health and fitness writer. Being an active fitness fanatic he spends allot of time researching into health and wellbeing. He now shares his take on what it takes an IT-guru to stay fit.

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