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What exercise burns the most belly fat?


Are you looking for ideas on how you can get fit and lose that annoying fat store, then read on, this post will provide some details on What exercise burns the most belly fat?

To many people, belly fat looks visually displeasing. It can take on serious proportions and will affect your long term health if one does not address the excess fat at the right time before complicated medical conditions start to take root.

Burning excess body fat requires that you do a combined dieting and exercise routine. If you think that dieting only will burn your belly fat or other body fat, you are wrong. To really start burning the fat and lose weight, you need to include 30-60 minutes of exercise in your daily routine for targeting and burning belly fat.

Listed below are some examples of what you can do to lose excess fat and get fit.

Crunches will help burn belly fat

No other exercise routine burns belly fat faster than crunches, this should be your number one activity in fat-burning exercises.

It’s a simple exercise to do, just lie down flat on a mat or carpet with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Alternatively, you can also lift your legs off the floor at a 90-degree angle.  Then lift your hands and place them behind your head crossed fingers behind the head may help.

Take a deep breath in, and as you lift your upper body off the floor, breath out. Try to raise your upper body as much as you can, breath in again as you get back down, and breath out as you come up.

Start to do this for 10 times that form one set.  Repeat same activity for another two to three sets.  You can build up to more sets as you develop your mid-section.

Running or walking can burn off that fat

Burning belly fat is not that difficult if you start to consider it like butter in a tub.  When you first take it out of the fridge it is hard and difficult to apply on the bread.

Now try warm that butter up a little, what happens? It starts to soften up – right! Now if you warm it up longer, it starts to melt.

Now apply the same principle to your belly fat.  When you are lazy and do no exercise, the fat is solid and will not burn.  The moment you start to warm it up with exercise it gets softer and will then burn off, metaphorically. This is what running or walking regularly will do for you.  At the same time reduce fat intake, eat small portions and do more exercise.

High-Intensity Training – burns fat even after you stop

A very good variation on the running is high-intensity training, this allows you to speed up for 1-2mins of activity (it may be running, bicycle exercise or something else) then slow down and do another 1-2mins of slow exercise.  Repeat this for 20-30mins, changing to different exercise types if you want.

This exercise not only improves your heart health but also burns more fat, even after you have stopped exercise you will notice that your body will continue to sweat and burn fat.


There are many ways to exercise and burn belly fat, I have listed 3 exercises that will help you get rid of that excess belly fat.  Doing these exercises will also reduce your overall body fat, but you will need to stick to a routine.

As with any exercise, fitness activity alone cannot improve your health or burn fat. Unless you combine exercise with a healthy balanced diet.  Focusing more on superfood types and short sharp exercise activities.

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