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Top Fitness Tips for Exercise Beginners


As people say with any good endeavor, starting it is the hardest obstacle to success and then continuing the momentum is the second most painful habit to overcome. In this Top Fitness Tips for Exercise Beginners, we’ll explore some fitness tips that can help people to start and stay on course with fitness habits.

Getting started on a new exercise routine is a difficult task. You want to start exercising but something is holding you back, you know you’ll have to make time to go to the gym, but this sound in your mind is telling you – don’t bother. If you find yourself in that position, then maybe the following few fitness tips could help you begin your exercise sessions.

Make the intention – I want to get fit.

I know it may sound silly to some people, why make an intention they say.  But science has proven that those who make a sincere intention are more likely to stick with their exercise routine than one who just goes in as and when they wish.

When you make an intention to join a gym or take on fitness activity, plan and agree with yourself how many minutes or hours, days per week you will spend in doing exercise.  Repeat it to yourself each day and keep a track of how long you stick to that plan.

There will be day’s when you can’t do the fitness routine or go to the gym, never mind.  Move onto the next day and try not to miss another session or day of exercise.

Set Realistic Achievable Goals

You know when you start something new it will take time to get the results you want or expect. It’s important to break the goal down into small steps and set lots of smaller goals to keep you motivated and engaged along the way.

Every small stage you achieve in fitness will give you the confidence boost that will give your mind the feel-good chemicals.  This ensures that you continue putting the effort into the next stage.

Be Regular and work hard

If you want to be successful with your exercise routine and achieve the goals, then be consistent in your efforts.  Good results come through regular and consistent exercise activity. Stick to your plan and avoid frequent stops and starts in any exercise routine.  Don’t go more than two days without doing your exercise activities without a valid reason otherwise, you can say goodbye to success.

Don’t do Too Much Too Soon

When you start to take it easy and gradually increase your time and exercise types.  Don’t increase the amount of exercise or the length of time you do too soon. Stick to no more than 10% increase in exercise or time per week.

Make sure to Warm-up and Cooldown

Always start with a warm-up before any exercise session gradually mobilize the muscles and joint areas that you will use during the workout. Failing to warm up properly before exercise may increase the risk of injury.  Once you complete your exercise routine then cool down slowly.

Give it a rest with time off day

Too much exercise and no rest is not good for anyone. Try to exercise when you feel that you have the most energy during the day.  I know easy said than done!  Alternate days off training can help your body recover and reduce injuries.

Develop a solid Will Power – stay the course

Repeat I will be fit and healthy to yourself all the time – Don’t give up once you start. Accept the fact that there will be setbacks on the way to achieving your fitness goal.  Always accept the setbacks and use positive thinking re-motivate yourself.  This is where small steps and goals help in keeping you motivated – think of it as a computer game.

Eat healthily and drink plenty of water

Eat healthy foods, try to include as many superfoods in your diet as you can through the day.  Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day, especially before, during and after exercise.


Fitness and Exercise are very important to get healthy and stay healthy.  Taking the time to clarify your fitness intention, then planning your exercise sessions with small achievable goals will make it easy for you to stay committed to the fitness routine.

Add into the mix healthy diet, good rest and plenty of positive thinking – give it a few weeks and see the real difference in your body and mind.  Good luck with your fitness and exercise regime.

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