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Best Exercises to Strengthen Legs Fast


Consider how important it is for you to have a strong lower body. Your legs support you in everyday activities, they provide you with a strong base for doing day to day activities and can help you to produce more power in upper-body exercises. In this post – Best Exercises to Strengthen legs fast.  We’ll look at what exercises can be done to build those leg muscles and strengthen them.  If you’re involved in any sports that require some running, maybe jumping or sprinting, you will need strong legs to support and power you through these activities.

Running – start with this activity to exercise your leg muscles.

You don’t have to be an Olympic racer, just 20-30mins of running initially will help get your leg muscles in to trim.  As you develop your legs, you’ll also benefit from cardiovascular health improvements. Gradually build up your running time to 30-60mins, or introduce interval training or High-intensity training into your routine.

Move to Deadlifts they are a great way to improve leg strength.

Deadlifts if done correctly and with a routine will sculpt the glutes and hamstrings, your upper thighs, strengthen the lower back and core.  Doing deadlifts also help to improve posture along with grip and upper body strength.

Deadlifts are a safe and easy exercise, but if you are starting out new then get advice from gym instructor, doing this exercise will require a barbell weight, dumbbell or kettlebell.  Always start with small weights and overtime increase – but do not over exert yourself as that can cause injuries.

Using proper deadlift form is important, so do not cut corners if you don’t know how to do it then get help and learn.

Squat your way to fit legs

Squats are considered as one of the best exercises to strengthen the legs, its ability to work your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, it’s a foundational leg exercise if you are interested in building strong leg muscles.

Similar to deadlifts, the correct form is essential to get the most out of your squats. One of the common mistakes while doing squats is extending the knees over the toes, this can cause strain on the knee joints and tendons.

Calf Raises helps build the lower part of your legs

Calves are what many people forget about when it comes to leg strengthening exercises – which is why you see some guy’s walking in shorts with big thighs but chicken legs for calves.

It is the role calves play in generating power the reason why you need to train these muscles too. To do this, you want to perform your standard sitting or standing calf raises with a heavyweight – but not that heavy that it causes you injury.

Some gyms will have machines that allow you to safely train your calf muscles, just take it easy when you start and warm up properly.


Leg muscles are important for day to day activities and one should aim to train these muscles regularly.  There are many exercises that can be done to strengthen your leg muscles fast, starting with running, deadlifts, squats to calf raises will all help to achieve a strong lower body.

Stronger the leg muscles the faster you can apply them when lifting weights without causing too much stress to the lower body muscles.  Make sure to complement your physical lower body training with good healthy food and proper hydration.

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