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Best Exercises for Stress Relief


Research done on the subject of stress indicates that many more people are stressed more now than ever before.  Many find the levels of stress is becoming difficult to manage and are looking at ways of reducing or dealing with stress, this post will deal with Best Exercises for Stress Relief. Doing exercise is the best way to reduce stress. As during exercise sessions, your body releases endorphins, these are hormones that fight stress in the body.

Reduce Stress Do Exercises like running, walking, dancing

Exercises like running, walking, dancing and similar activities result in increased heart rate. Increasing your heart rate results in your body releasing endorphins, these are natural opiates that make you feel good with no side effects.

If you find that you are stressed all the time, every day then it may be worth speaking to your doctor to eliminate other causes. Once you have done that then, consider reviewing your work and life pattern to make sure that you are not overworking or under pressure from work or other life events.

It is common for most people to feel stressed from time to time, some level of stress can be good at times to get us moving and delivering our daily chores. But when that stress level starts to get a bit too much and begins to manifest itself into health or emotional issues then you really need to pause and take stock.

Praying and Focusing On Your Prayers Daily Will Relieve Stress

If you are a religious type, then praying and focusing on your prayers daily will relieve stress.  Hand over your worries that cause the stress, to God.  Ask God to deal with your issues, then change your mindset not to think about that once you have handed it over.  Easy said than done, I know.  With practice it becomes easy and you will get immense benefit from doing this.  However; it does not mean that you hand-over the creation of your business proposal to God the night before you are due to submit it.  I am talking more about the emotional tasks, worries that can be the root cause of much stress.

Yoga or Tai Chi to Deal with Stress

Next, you can try Yoga or Tai Chi – both these exercises create changes in your physical body as well as an emotional state.  That said don’t expect miracles in your first 1 or 2 sessions.  Everything like these requires practice and patience.  To relieve stress along with exercises, you also need to free your mind and consciously lose the baggage in your mind.

You can then go a few steps beyond that and take on Martial Arts, like Tae Kwon Do or Karate for example.  These exercises will help you develop your physical body through which you will release feel-good hormones into your brain.  The act of learning and practicing martial arts will also redirect your thoughts to something new and engaging thus freeing your thoughts from stressors that initiated the feeling of stress in the first place.


Stress is on the rise, and we as a society don’t handle it very well.  When it starts to affect individuals then they appreciate the damage it can cause.  It is therefore important that you recognize things that can cause you stress.

Learn to deal with the causes if you can in the first place.  Then focus on talking up exercises that can help you relieve stress.  Also in worse cases contact your medical doctor to get advice and guidance.

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