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5 Foods That Prevent Heart Attacks and Unclog Arteries


In this post we shall look at 5 Foods that prevent heart attacks, we can eat to keep our hearts healthy and unclog those important arteries.  Maintaining good heart health is important and 3 key things that you can do, watch what you eat, reduce stress in your life and do more of physical activity.

You live life to the full, constantly on the go.  7am and you’re on the road dodging traffic to get to work, stress of traffic jam, thinking about what you will say in that first morning meeting, no problems you can deal with it.  By the time you realise it, it’s lunch time, you head to the canteen grab a sandwich on the go.  Back at your desk, while eating your lunch your dealing with emails, escalations, at the same time multi-tasking to get ready for the afternoon meeting.  Grave yard shift, after lunch.  You head straight into another meeting after lengthy and problematic business discussion its 5pm and you need to pack bags and head for the traffic jam to get home.  Sound familiar, if so then this is what many of us deal with and put our bodies and minds through daily.

If you are leading your life in that way, without eating healthy, no fitness activity then wanting to prevent heart attack is the last stage of your worries, as your body will start to exhibit many other health symptoms, that will just deteriorate unless you make a change.

Listed below are 5 foods that you can eat that will help prevent heart attacks, reduce the chances of developing clogged arteries.

1 – Orange

Orange is the perfect fruit. With its high levels of pectin, this type of soluble fiber works like a “sponge” to slurp up cholesterol in foods and block its absorption. Oranges contain potassium which can help counterbalance sodium intake therefore assist with keeping your blood pressure in check. In recent studies scientists have found that oranges have the ability to counteract proteins that lead to heart scar tissue and eventually congestive heart attack.

2 – Garlic

The medical wonder in the kitchen – Garlic, it is an excellent food to help reduce plaque in your arteries and help reduce your blood pressure. Eating garlic or taking garlic capsules can improve circulation along with many other health benefits.  According to research done, garlic helps reduce an enzyme known as angiotensin, which constricts blood vessels. Tests have also found that people who suffer from plaque build-up in their arteries found by consuming garlic supplements the build-up reduced by up to 50% when they took garlic extract daily.

3 – Dark Chocolate

Ohh yes, chocolate! for those who like eating the sweet stuff.  Recent study from Harvard University discovered that indigenous people Kuna living off the coast of Panama had very low blood pressure and no signs of hypertension. At first, researcher believed that the people had a rare genetic trait, but then they discovered that these people drank large amounts of raw cocoa. Thanks to rich compounds known as flavanols, so I hear you ask, now where am I going to get raw cocoa to drink? Not to worry, you can look at dark chocolate (which is known to have higher levels of cocoa) can be consumed and will lead to improving blood vessel flexibility, lower blood pressure, and prevent heart disease.  So feel the craving for some sweet stuff, munch away with some dark chocolate.

4 – Lentils

Scientific studies have found that people who eat a diet high in lentils have a reduced risk of heart disease. Lentils are also high in protein, magnesium, and potassium, which can help reduce the risk for plaque in the blood vessels.  Unclogging your blood vessels leads to better circulation, which will prevent cold hands and feet’s, ED (Erection Dysfunction) amongst many other problems that can be caused by too much build-up of plaque in your blood vessels.  Lentils help with reducing high blood pressure, which is one of the early indicators of heart disease.

5 – Almonds

According to studies at the University of Toronto, if you eat a diet that consists of almonds you can lower your risk of heart disease by up to 28%.  Almonds can reduce your bad cholesterol levels and prevent absorption of LDL thanks to a high amount of plant sterols.   Reducing bad cholesterol can prevent heart attacks and reduce chances of clogged arteries.


Eating healthy and staying fit does not have to be costly or difficult to do.  Just carefully select what you eat, consume the right foods at the correct quantities, stay active, reduce stress and get adequate rest.  That’s all you need to maintain a healthy heart and keep your arteries free from plaque build-up.  Remember these 5 foods that prevent heart attacks and unclog arteries, try to eat more of these in your diet.

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Niki Adams is a confident fitness and health blogger. A former business director for a well-known Company, she now teaches people how to live the life they imagined by tuning into their authentic power and unlocking the confidence to ask for what they really, really want. Health and fitness starts with what you eat and how you train your mind.

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