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5 Easy Fitness Tips to get Healthy


Okay, so you have decided that this constantly feeling lack of energy and fatigue is something you want to overcome.   But going to the gym, changing your diet to all greens is too much too soon, fear not in this post 5 Easy Fitness Tips, I shall provide details of some techniques that you can adopt to get healthy which will help gradually get you into the position whereby joining a gym, should you wish to will be easy on your mind and going for a healthier diet will seem like a no-brainer – Get fit without even trying…

The problem with making new year resolutions focused on getting fit, whereby someone who normally is not active nor a healthy eater suddenly decides to take on too much challenge and change that within a few weeks of starting they self-sabotage healthy regimen.

In order to avoid such failures, it is better for the not so health conscious to start gradually building up, so let’s start with some easy fitness tips.  Even when your schedule is beyond jam packed, you can sneak in the following while dominating your busy agenda. Here are 5 fitness quick tips you can start right away.

1 – Always opt to take the stairs

If you go shopping, or at the office avoid elevator or the escalator.  Taking the stairs will be far healthier for you and help to strengthen your heart, burn a few extra calories, and tone your entire lower body. If you have stairs at home, who needs them gym in that case, take every opportunity to scale those steps as many times as you can during the day or night.  Simpler and easy, fitness can’t get any easier.

Do you have a toilet on the top and ground floor? always opt for the loo in the ground floor when you are on the top floor and take the top floor loo if you are on the ground floor, don’t give your mind the chance to go for the easy option.

2 – Walk & Cycle everywhere, to get fit

Maintaining physical activity is key to keeping you and your kids fit and healthy. With kids and some adults becoming more technologically dependent, spending almost more hours in-front of one or another type of technology gadget affecting their health and fitness levels, than doing any exercise that can help improve their health.

If possible walk your children to school, even if it means walking 10-30 min’s each way.  I know that may not be possible every day, so try to build it in once or twice a week.

Alternatively play hide and seek in the house with your children, Take your kids and o for a walk on the weekends, take your bikes and go for a ride in the local park, find other ways to get your kids active while spending time together.

3 – Stay hydrated drink plenty of water

Aim to drink minimum eight glasses of water every day. Research done on hydration and impact on body shows that drinking cold water actually enhances weight loss. Drinking plenty of will help you overcome that afternoon energy slump and boost your skin health.   I know some people can’t or don’t like drinking water that much, so why not add some fruit juice to that mix and drink.  At the same time cut down on caffeine, sugar and fatty products.  Want to get healthy then start with that bottle of water and keep it with you at all times!

4 – Getting healthy requires you to Relax

With working long hours and chasing a day full of meetings with a busy evening your stress levels increase sky-high and elevated stress levels has an appalling impact on your health and wellbeing.

Therefore, one of the best things you can do to stay fit and healthy is to learn how you can relax. If you don’t have time to meditate or take a hot bath, research has shown that even the anticipation of laughter can help you to relax and reduce stress levels. So, start smiling, watch some funny videos to help you relieve stress rom the day and unwind.

5 – Get cleaning or gardening

The 5th easy fitness tip is good old gardening or cleaning your house may not be what you thought will get our healthy, but keeping things neat and tidy is not only good for your mind, but also essential for health because it reduces allergens and bacteria; plus, hovering, dusting and general cleaning around the house will increase your heart beats keeping you stay fit.  Try add some dance music or any other music and go cleaning. Cleaning your house is a wonderful cost effective way to tidy up while burning calories and working your muscles. Put on some dance tunes, and you’ll burn even more calories grooving to the music.

Gardening is another one, that can keep you healthy, clean your garden, do some weeding, if you can dig some dirt, trim your hedges/trees.  All in an effort to keep you mobile and fit.


Being healthy and fit does not have to be costly or difficult to do. Taking the stairs will be far healthier for you than using the lift in an office.  Walking to your office or taking your children to school can increase your physical activity therefore improving your health.

Reducing stress and taking on some chores in the house and garden can improve your overall health and fitness levels overtime.  Live healthy, be active and enjoy your life.

About Niki Adams

Niki Adams is a confident fitness and health blogger. A former business director for a well-known Company, she now teaches people how to live the life they imagined by tuning into their authentic power and unlocking the confidence to ask for what they really, really want. Health and fitness starts with what you eat and how you train your mind.

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