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Zubair Ahmed a blogger by nature and a keep fit advocate, spends much of his time reading herbal remedies and medical conditions online and offline. Shares his views on most common natural herbal remedies for many modern day health problems.

How to deal with Neck Pain Fast


Neck pain can have many causes like whiplash injury to the neck, neck tension or cervical spondylosis these are very common conditions.  In this post, we’ll look at how to deal with neck pain fast. You can experience neck pain due to a poor sitting posture, bad sleeping position, very …

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4 Simple Exercises to Relieve Neck Pain


This post on 4 Simple Exercises to relieve neck pain provides general information about neck pain and simple exercises that may help relieve the symptoms. Neck pain is common given the extent to which many people now find themselves stuck in front of a PC, but most of these cases aren’t caused …

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What Are Natural Remedies?


Natural Remedies are essentially Herbal medicines having origins in ancient cultures. Many herbal remedies have been used in eastern cultures for centuries.  It involves using plants for medicinal use to treat disease and enhance general health, emotional and physical well-being. In this post – What are natural remedies? I shall …

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Eat Healthy Foods to Fight Knee Pain


Do you suffer with knee pain?  Don’t worry you are not alone millions of people have stiff, painful knees thanks to osteoarthritis, lack of exercise, bad diet or sport injuries. Treatments range from keeping active, healthy eating and dropping excess weight to steroid injections and even surgery at the other …

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