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About Us

The Naturalhealthtips.co.uk mission

Naturalhealthtips.co.uk is dedicated to your health and wellbeing. Our network of editors and bloggers bring you, health news, features, blogs and videos that make it easier for you to look and feel better.

What you can expect from Naturalhealthtips.co.uk

Natural Health made entertaining we won’t wrist-slap or lecture you into eating you’re five a day. We think being healthy should be fun and never feel like a chore or anything to feel guilty about.
Natural Health remedies the easy way, we provide simple solutions to complicated problems without total life overhauls, are what we’re about. Our readers do what they can, when they can to be healthy. We help with that.

Sometimes we get top experts We’re not health experts but we try to source advice and opinions from the best medical, nutritional, fitness and psychology experts in the country and we check their qualifications.

What you eat, is what you are, I’m sure you have heard that many times, here on Natural health tips we try to write on luscious and tasty food! That’s why recipes and restaurant reviews are our big thing here at Naturalhealthtips.co.uk
Health tips and honest reviews Our reviews are detailed and specific because like you, we want value for money. At Naturalhealthtips.co.uk we separate what works from what doesn’t so you don’t have to.

Proven We try to source scientific evidence wherever possible about anything on which we’re reporting. If there’s little, no or unreliable evidence, we’ll tell you.
We strive to be – Personal, Simple and Brilliant providing you with the right information to make decisions that can change how you feel!

Naturalhealthtips.co.uk content does not constitute a medical consultation. See a certified medical professional for diagnosis. Advice and Tips provided on this site are for general reading and you are responsible for confirming with a qualified medical professional if it is suitable for application in your case.

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